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About Harding Fire Protection Systems

Harding Fire Protection is the premier provider of fire protection in Ontario. Founded in 1989, we have 30 years of experience providing fire alarm and sprinkler inspection, testing and maintenance across Ontario.

By staying true to our core values, we are able to successfully service over 2000 sites and 25 million square feet of space throughout the province.

The Harding Advantage

Our Five Core Strengths The Harding Advantage

When it comes to keeping your building safe and secure, there are few things more important than fire protection. Harding Fire Protection focuses on five core strengths required to assure our customers that their buildings are safe and secure. This is The Harding Advantage.

Our Experience

Harding Fire Protection is a premier provider of fire protection services in Ontario. Our founder, Paul Harding started the Harding Fire Protection company in 1990, after spending 32 years in the fire protection industry. When he opened Harding Fire’s doors, his prime motivation was to put the interests of his customers first, something he felt was lacking in the industry. Starting with one truck, and using his home garage as his warehouse, over the next 25 years, Paul steadily grew Harding Fire Protection into a full-service fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspection, maintenance and repair company.

Following his retirement in 2015, his daughter Jennifer and her management team have continued his legacy of 'customer first'. Harding Fire has continued to grow and add services to meet our customers needs. With over 30 staff members, and providing services to over 18 million square feet of all types of commercial, warehousing, retail, and residential space, our customers have helped us grow in to a premier fire protection company in southern Ontario. Customer-focus continues to be the main cornerstone of how Harding Fire Protection does business.

Our Systems

Beginning in 2012, Harding Fire Protection initiated development of a proprietary management tool known as Apollo. Unlike report building software that already exists on the market and is designed for fire protection companies, Apollo is designed for our customers. Harding Fire Protection understands that our customers manage complex, large accounts, with high value assets and that risk mitigation is imperative. As a result, the Apollo system has been designed to provide our customers with the ability to understand and track multiple asset classes and to receive status updates for what services were provided and when they were provided for each building within their portfolio. In this regard, our systems are designed for our customers.

Our Service

You will not find a more service oriented fire protection company in Ontario. Our technicians are available for emergency service 24/7/365 and our technicians are strategically positioned across southern Ontario, allowing Harding Fire to meet a guaranteed response time of 2 hours for an emergency service call. Most importantly, when you contact Harding Fire for service, your call is directed to a technician, not an answering service.

Our Customers

Harding Fire Protection specializes in servicing customers that manage highly complex buildings with both fire alarm and sprinkler systems as well customers who manage high value buildings with high value assets. Continuity of building operations is critical for our clients and that is why when customers work with Harding Fire, they know their building is safe and secure, and fire protection is one less thing for them to worry about. We are our customers’ security blanket, we are partners with our customers and we keep our customers in compliance and do the liaison, when needed, with the fire department and insurance companies. For these reasons, many customers have been with us for over 10 years, with some customers partnering with us for over 20 years.

Our People

Our employees are the face of Harding Fire Protection, which is why we ensure we hire the best people and aim to create an environment that encourages the success and future growth of each employee. Our sprinkler fitters belong to UA Local 853 and all of our fire alarm technicians are CFAA Certified. Additionally, all staff are cross trained to ensure that no matter what fire alarm and sprinkler system they encounter, they perform above customer expectations.

We’ve Got You Covered
  • Harding Fire Protection is a compliance-focused organization. From our Health and Safety program, to our ISO 9001:2008 certification, we guarantee you are working with a professional organization, who meets all your compliance requirements.
  • We hold accreditations from Contractor Check, ComplyWorks, Cognibox and other contractor-compliance vendors.
  • In addition, all of our staff are CPIC cleared and we have Reliability Status with the Government of Canada (PWGSC).

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