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Modern Fire Systems

Advanced has spearheaded the development of modern, intelligent addressable fire systems with a significant commitment of over 25% to research and development. This investment has led to the development of the leading addressable fire panel – Advanced Axis.

Compared to legacy, conventional systems that are in most buildings now, the Advanced panel is ground breaking. Typical, conventional fire panels are out dated and require more hours for installation and service. This modern, addressable fire panel is designed to offer more power and safety performance in a user-friendly format. The need for a system that can be customized, is easy to install and maintain while providing reliable safety has finally been addressed with Advanced Axis.

The legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use of the panel results in them being used in prestigious and challenging locations all over the world. Advanced can range from small standalone to large networked systems and meet the rigorous regulatory demands of 60+ countries, including NFPA 72 and UL 864.

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We’ve Got You Covered
  • Harding Fire Protection is a compliance-focused organization. From our Health and Safety program, to our ISO 9001:2008 certification, we guarantee you are working with a professional organization, who meets all your compliance requirements.
  • We hold accreditations from Contractor Check, ComplyWorks, Cognibox and other contractor-compliance vendors.
  • In addition, all of our staff are CPIC cleared and we have Reliability Status with the Government of Canada (PWGSC).

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