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Project Management

With over 28 years of experience building relationships in the fire and life safety industry, Harding Fire Protection is the only company in the industry to efficiently manage the full lifecycle of the installation or upgrade of the Advanced Axis fire panel. Strong and efficient project management is required for a successful installation.

Our project management guarantee includes:

Engineering plan development and design. Consistently, we encounter plans and drawings that are completed without the proper device listing or placement of devices which hinders the installation of the panel. We can work with your engineers or architects to ensure that they are completed correctly, with the correct code references the first time around thus avoiding costly delays.

Physical installation of the panel and all connected devices. This is done by Harding Fire reliable electrical partners who are expertly trained and have been involved in the process since day one.

Programming the panel. We have dedicated, trained technicians who have hands-on experience programming the Advanced Axis panel. These technicians will program the panel and instruct your team on the efficient and proactive ways to use the panel.

Verification of the panel. This process requires a separate team to ensure that all devices have been installed correctly and are communicating with the panel in the way that you want. Harding Fire will oversee the verification team and report.

Fire department liaison. Working with the fire department is a crucial step that is often overlooked after the installation of a panel. With our relationships, we can ensure that they are up to date on the changes made to your systems and approved.

Updated emergency operating procedures. Along with the fire department, your emergency plan is something that is required to be updated. We have a dedicated staff member who focuses on emergency operating procedures as well as staff training. This is an essential step in the successful implementation of a fire system.

Inspection and service. Harding Fire Protection is a full-service inspection and emergency service organization – with 30+ staff members, we can conduct the required monthly and/or annual inspections on your site (sprinkler included) as well as any service calls that may occur on site. Working with a well-rounded team like Harding Fire Protection is important in saving you time and money.

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We’ve Got You Covered
  • Harding Fire Protection is a compliance-focused organization. From our Health and Safety program, to our ISO 9001:2008 certification, we guarantee you are working with a professional organization, who meets all your compliance requirements.
  • We hold accreditations from Contractor Check, ComplyWorks, Cognibox and other contractor-compliance vendors.
  • In addition, all of our staff are CPIC cleared and we have Reliability Status with the Government of Canada (PWGSC).

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