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5 steps to help choose the right Fire and Life Safety partner

Raise your hand if you have ever been disappointed or let down by a contractor? Whether it’s over charging, missed deficiencies, late reports or incomplete inspections, vendors always find some way to set the wrong expectations with you. This only leads to missed Read More

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ISO 9001:2015 quality program Certification

  Contact  Molly Orpin Telephone  416-292-0599 Email Website FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 27, 2017   ISO 9001:2015 quality program Certification Harding Fire Protection receives top quality certification from international governing body Toronto, ON, September 27, 2017– When working with a fire Read More

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Automatic Fire Sprinkler in red water pipe System

MIC: What It Is & What You Can Do About It

If you have a sprinkler system and have been having occurrences of pinhole leaks long before you expect them, you may be experiencing Microbiologically Induced Corrosion or MIC. What is MIC? MIC is described as an electrochemical corrosive process that specific bacteria in Read More

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Everyone knows the right answear

Fire Protection Best Practices from Schools

At Harding Fire Protection, we understand when we look at the systems within your buildings, we also need to think about the people who are being protected by those systems. And there is  no place where we are more aware of this than Read More

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Hand pulling down the fire alarm button

Fire Protection System Testing and Maintenance – Why Do You Need Them?

People depend on fire alarm systems to protect their properties and assets. Ensuring that your system is regularly tested and properly maintained will ensure the system is able to fully perform when needed. Just like any other system, a fire protection system has Read More

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Handyman installing smoke detector with screwdriver on the ceiling

The Importance of Choosing the Right Fire Protection Partner

One of the most important decisions that building owners and property managers have to make is choosing the right fire protection partner. While far from most facilities’ biggest spend category, it can affect the safety of both your building’s occupants and assets.   Read More

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Wall mounted fire alarm pull switch for activating fire fighting system

False Fire Alarms: Causes & Cures

False fire alarm signals are a problem to both business owners and fire services. Not only can they become costly in fees, they can also result in unneeded business disruption. Properly maintaining your fire alarm system helps reduce these nuisance alarms. There are Read More

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white hand presses the trigger fire extinguisher

5 Common Questions About Fire Extinguishers Answered

You are probably familiar with fire extinguishers. You see them around all around you, and you know they are an important tool in extinguishing small fires. But if you are a building owner or facility manager, there is a lot more you need Read More

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smoke detector

Common Causes of Fire Protection System Failure

Fire protection systems, when installed and maintained to proper codes and standards, should be fully operational, 24/7. Unfortunately, the news is too often full of reports of fires where building systems didn’t function as they should. Even more tragically, we hear of this Read More

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Getting Into The Industry: Fire Protection

  Having recently added a careers section to our website, we thought it would be appropriate to write our next blog based on… GETTING INTO THE INDUSTRY: FIRE PROTECTION Have you ever wondered about fire protection and the different fields associated with it? Read More

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