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Why Your Employees Should be Trained in How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

When a fire erupts time plays a vital role in how much damage can be caused by the blaze. How quickly the fire is attended to can determine how large the flames can grow and spread throughout a building. One of the first lines of defense in preventing a fire from growing starts with a fire extinguisher. When used correctly, it can greatly reduce how much damage the flames can cause and possibly save lives of occupants inside the building. However, if a person does not know how to use an extinguisher, they risk the chance of the flames growing out of control and being injured while trying to battle the fire. That is why it is important for a business owner to provide fire extinguisher training in Toronto, ON for their employees.

Information Gained During Training

  • Different types of fires require certain extinguishers to douse the flames, employees are trained on which type of extinguisher to use.
  • They are taught how to assess the situation to determine if they should attempt to fight the fire or abandon the flames and seek a safe exit.
  • During fire extinguisher training in Toronto ON, employees will learn how to properly handle the extinguisher to help keep them safe and build their confidence in knowing how to use the equipment.
  • Workers will learn how to perform maintenance on the equipment to ensure the extinguisher operates properly between routine inspections.

Certify the Safety of Your Workers

When your employees are trained by a professional on how to correctly use an extinguisher on a fire, you can gain peace of mind they have the knowledge required to keep them safe. In addition to, you gain the benefit of having skilled workers that can help prevent the spread of a fire if one should erupt in your business. During the training session, the specialist can help provide your employees with valuable information that can help save their life and the lives of anyone else in the area at the time of a fire.

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Harding Fire Protection is your one-stop source for keeping your employees safe during a fire. Since 1990, they have provided reliable products and quality service in helping business owners keep their company protected. A highly-trained technician can help instruct your employees on how to handle a crisis and minimize the damage that a fire can cause.

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