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Annual Awards Celebration

Harding Fire Protection has had the same five core values that have guided our principles for how we do business for the past 30 years. As 2018 wraps up, we were thrilled to highlight these core values at our annual Holiday party with our annual awards program.

Our awards program is a way to recognize the hard work our technicians put in every day and highlight the values that have driven Harding Fire over the years.

Safety is a top priority and one of our company’s values, not only because we are in the safety industry but because it is the responsibility of everyone on our team to ensure that they are working as safely as possible. Our “Safety First” award was given to Darrell MacKinnon. He was awarded “Safety First” because he is proactive in making sure both he and others always have a safe work environment by doing regular walk-throughs on site and ensuring that concerns are escalated and actioned by the management team. Darrell also volunteers to help out with our formal Health and Safety program and continually suggests ways that we can improve.

In addition to safety, we want to reward technicians who believe in our values and live them on site every day. Our “Living the Brand” Award this year went to Troy McNamara. Troy is an up-and-coming member of our sprinkler team and is always willing to lend a hand. He works enthusiastically and is eager to learn, which are the exact values we want to encourage and see flourish at Harding Fire.

The “Harding Honour” Award is an award that is chosen from key cornerstones of our brand to recognize specific efforts of a team member. This year, we are recognizing an individual for being an outstanding representative of the values that we hold so close. Ross DiPietro was awarded the “Harding Honour” award in 2018 because not only has he grown steadily in his career, but because he is always reliable and enthusiastic. He is eager to be an example for new technicians that we welcome to the team and has gone out of his way to assist us with recruiting for the future. By taking his time to present at Durham College earlier this year, Ross ensures that we understand how to engage new graduates and prospective new technicians.

Our fourth annual award is peer-nominated and this year the same technician received multiple nominations from his team members outlining why he’s deserving of the “Hardigan Hero” award. Our hero this year was Kequin Huang for many reasons, including that he’s always willing to lend a hand; teach the other technician’s that he’s working with; for being respectful to colleagues and clients and because he’s always positive and pleasant.

A huge congratulations to all of our 2018 award winners and thank you for all of your hard work!

If you’d like to learn more about our core values or want to tell us how you’d be a great addition to the team, please check out our open opportunities and get in touch.

Happy holidays!

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