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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Are you hiring?


Yes! We are always looking for qualified, dedicated individuals. Check out the careers page for more information on our open opportunities.

Question: How long has Harding Fire Protection Services been in the Fire and Life Safety industry?


Harding Fire Protection has been providing all aspects of fire/life safety maintenance for almost years. The company is a private family-owned corporation, currently in its second generation of ownership. Our highly qualified service team members have each, on average, been involved in the industry for 15 years or more.

Question: How many technicians do you have on your team?


There are 40+ employees currently at Harding Fire Protection including our leadership team and we are growing steadily. Our sprinkler fitters belong to UA Local 853 and Ontario College of Trades. All of our fire alarm technicians are CFAA Certified. All staff are rigorously background checked and must provide proof of qualifications, whether CFAA certified or certified sprinkler fitters.

Question: What accreditations and memberships do you have and why are they important?


Accredited by the best in the industry and highly-qualified to provide you with the best possible services. Choosing an accredited partner also reduces your risk exposure and will lower your insurance costs.

Harding Fire Protection has accreditations and memberships from these trusted organizations:


Our quality program proudly certified under the new ISO9001:2015 banner.

Question: Who are your clients?


We specialize in providing fire protection inspection, service and maintenance to complex, high-value buildings.

Question: Does your team work on both sprinkler and fire alarm systems?


All of our staff are cross-trained on a variety of manufacturers’ products, and we ensure basic cross-training of sprinkler/fire alarm systems. As we are experts in both disciplines, you can be assured that your fire and sprinkler inspections are completed thoroughly. Our expertise will save your team money by ensuring that we complete all aspects of your inspections, not just verification like some of our competitors.

Question: What is your response time?


Harding Fire Protection has long prided itself on being industry leading for emergency service response time. Because time is of the essence, we do not employ a call centre or answering service, rather, a member of our senior technical staff responds 24/7, allowing us to begin to address the emergency immediately upon receiving a call. A technician will be on-site within a guaranteed two-hour response time, which we are able to provide thanks to the geographical distribution of our staff members.

Question: What is Apollo?


Apollo Information Management System is a Harding Fire Protection proprietary web-based solution designed to help property executives, property managers and facility managers mitigate risk & manage code compliance within complex, high value and diverse business operations.

Apollo works with our operational control team to make sure that all services are planned, executed and documented.