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Hand pulling down the fire alarm button

Fire Protection System Testing and Maintenance – Why Do You Need Them?

People depend on fire alarm systems to protect their properties and assets. Ensuring that your system is regularly tested and properly maintained will ensure the system is able to fully perform when needed. Just like any other system, a fire protection system has Read More

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Handyman installing smoke detector with screwdriver on the ceiling

The Importance of Choosing the Right Fire Protection Partner

One of the most important decisions that building owners and property managers have to make is choosing the right fire protection partner. While far from most facilities’ biggest spend category, it can affect the safety of both your building’s occupants and assets.   Read More

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smoke detector

Common Causes of Fire Protection System Failure

Fire protection systems, when installed and maintained to proper codes and standards, should be fully operational, 24/7. Unfortunately, the news is too often full of reports of fires where building systems didn’t function as they should. Even more tragically, we hear of this Read More

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