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Fire Protection Best Practices from Schools

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At Harding Fire Protection, we understand when we look at the systems within your buildings, we also need to think about the people who are being protected by those systems. And there is  no place where we are more aware of this than within a school or child care facility.

Parents trust that the teachers and school staff will take care of their children, and those people are counting on us to ensure the systems protecting the from fire are in top condition.

Within all buildings, but especially schools, the concept of fire protection goes well beyond the equipment within the building. Local codes and standards dictate what is required, but there are many best practices which improve upon even these standards.

Establishing a good fire prevention and preparedness program means fires and their tragic effects can be avoided. Here are some of the best practices that can be learned from schools and child care facilities that can help you prepare for a fire emergency:

Establish a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

It is easier to respond to emergencies when everybody knows their own responsibilities. Implementing a detailed fire emergency evacuation plan that covers how everyone should respond, when they should respond, and identifies a path of egress is crucial.

Have a Fire Prevention Plan

A fire prevention plan will provide facilities with documentation which shows which employees are responsible for identifying fire hazards and combustible materials. This will also outline in detail all the necessary procedures that will help prevent fire emergencies. This plan will be discussed with all the staff. There will also be printed copies of the prevention plan so everyone can review it any time they wish.

Train Staff

Most people do not know how to use a fire extinguisher, and are surprised at the force when they give it a try.  For the safety of everyone, the members of your staff should undergo fire extinguisher training. Make sure that everyone is constantly briefed on updated regulations.

Observe Proper Housekeeping Techniques

Making sure that your facility is clear of any fire hazards on a daily basis is important. Check that areas with flammable materials are safe, clean up any spills to avoid fire. Check if all the electronics and all the outlets are in good condition.

Don’t Forget About Preventive Maintenance

Have a team of licensed and certified professionals from a reputable fire protection company provide your facility with inspections, tests, repairs, and maintenance services for your fire protection system. Harding Fire can help you ensure that all the required codes and your insurance company’s requirements are met.


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