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Fire Protection System Testing and Maintenance – Why Do You Need Them?

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People depend on fire alarm systems to protect their properties and assets. Ensuring that your system is regularly tested and properly maintained will ensure the system is able to fully perform when needed.

Just like any other system, a fire protection system has components that can degrade over time, compromising its operation. Contaminants like dirt and dust can cause problems with smoke detectors. Vandalism and improper maintenance may also damage your equipment.

Proper inspection, testing, and maintenance can ensure that your fire protection system is at its optimum operating condition. Aside from making certain that you are provided protection, keeping your system in excellent condition also minimizes expenses  which can occur due to emergencies and false alarms.

Even a fire alarm system with the best design can become ineffective without the proper maintenance. Unfortunately, we too often hear about catastrophic fire outcomes that could have been easily prevented had their fire protection system been well-maintained. But, we do also hear about fire occurrences where fully functioning systems have saved lives, as well as businesses and properties. It’s important that the appropriate budgets be allocated to maintaining your system – we all think fires won’t happen to us, but the reality is on the news daily.

Local authorities having jurisdiction mandate testing intervals. In Ontario, fire alarm systems must be tested to CAN ULC S536-04 standards.

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