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Why is it Important to Keep Emergency Exits Clear?

All and any exit within a building should be considered a potential exit to safety. However, on a daily basis we see designated workplace doors marked with an “Emergency Exit” sign and a notice not to open or an alarm will sound.

Often these exits become invisible or forgotten about by employees and start to blend in and become more unnoticed.  Exit paths are often somewhat obstructed by items such as boxes, workstations, garbage containers and other items that can slow down the progression of getting to safety quickly.

The importance of a clear hallway, stairwell or ramp is not realized until they have been completely inaccessible during an emergency.  Should these areas be blocked, there would be little time to remove the items in order to get to safety, especially if the items are large and require more than one individual to move them. Distance between cities Also, these items could potentially be a cause of greater hazard should someone trip or fall and get injured while en route to safety.

Most of these items have simply been improperly placed or put down and forgotten about. Fire exit areas should be kept clear from obstruction, not only for your safety but the safety of others.

Facility managers and employees must be aware of the critical importance of the building’s exits and exit paths and maintain clear access to these essential life-safety features at all times.

Some tips for a safe exit in an emergency:

  1. In advance, do a walk-around to find the closest emergency exits-in more than one direction from where you sit.
  2. Be pro-active. Don’t clutter exit paths!
  3. Verify your exit route from time-to-time, and report any obstructions to your supervisor or workplace safety committee.
  4. Participate- Join your local warden team or safety committee.

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