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Technology – Making Facility Management Easier

We are living in an age of smart systems, connected devices and cloud-based solutions. These days, over seven billion devices are connected to the Internet and technological advancements are having a transformative impact in virtually every industry and that includes fire protection and life safety.

It is crucial for your Fire and Life Safety provider to embrace these advancements because managing the compliance of your systems, the inspection results & reports, and the service, repairs & maintenance cost of these systems is a complex and time consuming task.

With the right technology, this becomes manageable because…

Your information is now found on one central source. Gone are the days of searching through your inboxes or the stacks of paper on your desk to find reports or certificates. Now, technology has advanced in our industry to be able to provide a central source of all current and historical data related to your life safety devices, deficiencies, inspection reports and code compliance status. This is imperative because it allows property managers, facility managers and property executives like yourself to efficiently mitigate fire & life safety risks, manage & meet your compliance obligations.

There is an increase in accountability. Now that all of your information is accessible through one source, this adds an extra level of accountability for your Fire and Life Safety partner. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a missed inspection or incomplete deficiency repairs and spending hours scrolling through your inbox to see who last replied and ultimately dropped the ball. The advancement of technology allows you to ensure that your work is being completed on time and without any budget surprises.

Important decisions are made faster and smarter. Now that all your site information is in front of you, the decision making process is not only sped up but fueled by data. The fastest way to turn data into decisions is through the technology advancements of customizable dashboards on information management systems like Apollo. This allows for data driven decisions to be made with real-time information from an entire portfolio of properties or a single property. This makes everyone happy.   

As you can see, working with a fire and life safety partner that embraces the advancements in technology means that you will be able to simplify the management of your complex, high value facilities.

If you want to check out Harding Fire Protection’s commitment to making facility management simpler, our information management Apollo is a proprietary web-based information management system that will do just that. Our resident Apollo master will be able to walk you through any questions you have. You can reach Molly Orpin at

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