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Fire Protection Best Practices from Schools

At Harding Fire Protection, we understand when we look at the systems within your buildings, we also need to think about the people who are being protected by those systems. And there is  no place where we are more aware of this than Read More

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white hand presses the trigger fire extinguisher

5 Common Questions About Fire Extinguishers Answered

You are probably familiar with fire extinguishers. You see them around all around you, and you know they are an important tool in extinguishing small fires. But if you are a building owner or facility manager, there is a lot more you need Read More

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Common Causes of Fire Protection System Failure

Fire protection systems, when installed and maintained to proper codes and standards, should be fully operational, 24/7. Unfortunately, the news is too often full of reports of fires where building systems didn’t function as they should. Even more tragically, we hear of this Read More

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